Fresh water is a scarce and fragile resource we all depend on. Islands generally experience water shortages but have, however, accumulated skills for innovative solutions and water saving models throug centuries for mainland communities to follow.  Our project aims at  rationalizing the use of fresh water with mindful attention to possible disadvantages such measures might have on people and businesses.

Islands are closed systems where you can devise and develop local, integrated solutions. During 2017, a group of eight European islands focused on water saving and decided it is possible to cut their freshwater consumption by 10 to 55 percent. The amount of water saved per year on these eight islands with a total resident population of less than 8,000 people will ne 200 million litres, which also saves 470,000 kWh and 42,000 kg of CO2 emissions.

Should this knowledge be transferred to the 2,136 islands of Europe and their 18.9 million inhabitants, to make life on the islands easier, more secure and much more attractive? We think yes. 

Can you save water? Of course you can.


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