Greening the Islands 2018 Conference

WASAC's Christian Pleijel with Gianni Chianetta, Director of the Greening the Islands announcing the 2019 conference in the Baltic

Greening the Islands is a global initiative that has been launched to spread the word about sustainable island projects and help them to be replicated in as many locations as possible. As Greening the Islands held its 2018 conference on Minorca on May 17-18, we are happy to announce next year’s conference will be held in the Baltic Sea, and will have a particular focus on the sea and water. An Observatory on water topics (and parallel ones on energy and mobility) was created in which WASAC, through Christian Pleijel, is one of the experts.

It’s worth reminding that the Water Saving Challenge Project was awarded the Greening the Islands award in the Water Management Category in 2017 on Favignana island near Sicily.