WASAC presented on Malta: LIFE project kick-off

The 8 WASAC islands presented on Malta

Malta is one of the world’s most water-stressed countries. Existing climate change models forecast less rain and more storms for Maltese archipelago which will result in less freshwater available to recharge depleting groundwater sources.

Therefore, the Energy and Water Agency has launched the LIFE Integrated Project: Optimising the implementation of Malta’s 2nd Water Catchment Management Plan with aims, amongst others, to improve water conservation awareness locally. Through a major €17 million project, Malta will change its perspective and the way it views water and water conservation. This EU funded project, at the rate of 60%, equals the total amount of funding that Malta has benefited from the LIFE Programme since 1992. This augurs well for the future of the country, to become ‘trend setters’ in EU funding.

During the launch, our presentation of the WASAC project, given by Christian Pleijel, was greeted with considerable interest, and our participation provided us a great opportunity to learn from Malta’s integrated long-term approach.