Extended WASAC Team on island Vis, Croatia in September 2017 durring WASAC workshops. 


Great work is possible only with a great team! This is ours:



Christian Pleijel from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) is the father of the WASAC project. He is an experienced facilitator of strategy processes combining creativity with a deep knowledge of communicative and political processes. He has been a journalist, editor, teacher, principal, officer, sales manager, project manager, management and strategy consultant. He has led a symphony orchestra and has been the founder and CEO of several smaller consulting firms (5-25 employees). He has been the mayor of Kökar, a small island where he lives, and he is the vice chairman of the European Small Islands Federation. He has expert knowledge of European island communities and has published a book on small European islands: How to Read an Island in 2014. He is regularly invited by the European Commission as an expert on island issues.


Tonino Picula is a Croatian politician who currently serves his second term as a Member of the European Parliament (seats with the S&D Group), had previously served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2000 to 2003 and as Mayor of Velika Gorica from 2005 to 2009. He is one of the founders of the The Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas Intergroup in the European Parliament, and its Vice-President in charge for Islands. He is one of the authors of the EP Resolution on the special situation of islands, and the amendment that secured funding for the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat established in 2018. A born islander, he provided without hesitation financial and political support for the WASAC Project, and made his office team available for project execution.


Professor Anders Nordström is a Senior Lecturer at the Stockholm University, Department of Physical geography. He is a distinguished expert on water and environmental issues, and is author of the “Dricksvatten: för en hållbar framtid” (Freshwater: for a sustainable future) published in 2015. Professor Nordström provided WASAC with a much needed guidance and academic expertize. The Water Saving Challenge project and the guide it produced would not have been possible without him.  


Denis Bredin is the Director of the Association des Îles du Ponant (AIP), gathering the fifteen islands standing on France’s western coast. The AIP has made great contributions to its islands including state and regional aid for island over-costs, a smart educational program for small schools, investments in renewable energy including a tidal turbine, and clever water management. Originally a Doctor in Eco-Ethology, he is not only an expert in human (islander) behaviour but also has deep knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, natural and evolutionary history, taxonomy, conservation, management, and economics of animals. As our French team member he has been a national coordinator for France, and has helped islands of Houat and Sein to take part in WASAC.


Christoforos Perakis is an Energy expert at the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) based in Athens, Greece. A graduate of the National Technical University of Athens he has provided WASAC with crucial technical thinking and assistance as project was being developed. As our Greek team member Christoforos also acted as the Greek Islands Coordinator, securing smooth communication with Greek partners, and providing invaluable assistance with field studies.


Máirtín Ó Méalóid is Manager of the Comharchumann Chléire Teoranta, a cooperative administering public services on Cape Clear, the southernmost inhabited Irish Island in Cork County. As WaSaC was kicking off, Irish Water Ltd. (Irish Uisce Éireann) announced an investment of approximately €4.3 million in the replacement and rehabilitation of 11.5km of old water mains on Cape Clear Island. Máirtín’s extensive experience in island management and water saving were immensely helpful in project development and its workshop phase, while his contacts in Ireland helped WASAC reach out to multiple islands in the Atlantic.


Ivan Matić is Project Manager in the Office of MEP Tonino Picula. With his project managing skills, and experience in maritime heritage he helped develop the WASAC Project from day one and implement several of its components. He acted as the core team coordinator, together with Christian Pleijel conducted the Croatian part of the field studies, and was the chief editor of the water saving guide published in two languages. As a Croatian member of the core team he has also served, and still is, as a national coordinator for Croatian islanders.



In coming up with solutions and models, the time, knowledge and dedication of the following islanders proved exceptional: Ms Tonka Ivčević (mayor of Komiža, Croatia), Ms Maria Kamma (mayour of Tilos, Greece), Mr Leo Katić (mayor of Lastovo, Croatia), Mr Daniel Salvert (mayor of Sein, France), Mr Dionios Stanitsas (mayor of Ithaka, Greece), Mr Ambroise Menou (Councillor of Sein, France), Ms Andrée Vielvoye (mayor of Houat, France), Mr Denis Barić (Otočni Sabor, Croatia), Mr Josh Becerra (Fluid Water Meter, USA), Ms Sara Borgström (KTH, Sweden), Mr Olivier Brunner (Agence de l'eau Loire-Bretagne, France), Mr Padraigh Crowe and Ms Cathy Ní Ghóill (Irish islands co-op), Mr Julien Fizet (WiCi Concept, France), Mr Ronan le Goaster (Syndicat Departemental de l’Eau de Morbihan, France), Mr Gerry Hynes (Renergise Ltd, Ireland), Ms Maja Jurišić and Mr Andrijano Nigoević (Island Movement, Croatia), Mr Elefterios Kechagioglou (Hellenic Small Islands Network, Greece), Mr Slaven Kevo (Vis, Croatia), Ms Eleni Palaiolougka (CRES, Greece), Mr Lučijano Sangaleti (Lastovo Utility Company, Croatia), Mr Michael Schembri (Energy & Water Agency, Malta), Mr Maxime Bredin (University of Brest, France), and Mr Vassilis Simiris (Ithaka Water Management, Greece).

A special thanks is due to Professor Louis Brigand from Université de Bretagne Occidentale, and Professor Andy Backer from the University of Bilbao, whose comments on working materials made the work easier, our project and its guide better.


Member of the European Parliament

Member of the European Parliament



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