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The Water Saving Challenge (WASAC) project was initiated in Bruxelles on the 22nd of March 2017 - the World Water Day.

The project aims at taking action at the other end of the water problem: instead of encouraging water production, it aims to reduce the use of freshwater through clever communication, smart engineering and wise governance, keeping in mind possible disadvantages such measures might have on people and businesses.

The project was initiated and led by islanders. Islands are in general short of water and yet have been successfully populated for as long as human history records. Through centuries, millennia even, islands have accumulated skills for innovative solutions. They are an excellent learning lab for water saving solutions and should become a model to follow for mainland communities as well.  

The WASAC project has put islanders in the center of solution making allowing them to lead the effort in promoting sustainable water management.

The project initially gathered 8 islands from 4 different EU member states: Lastovo and Vis from Croatia, Houat and Sein from France, Ithaka and Tilos from Greece, Cape Clear and Inis Oir from Ireland.